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Animal Angels is a 501(c)(3) organizations.
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In Memory of Snickers

At the end of the Rainbow Bridge there is a Peaceful Valley
 where our beloved pets who have gone before wait for us.

Adoptable Angels

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Because we care .....

We are no longer accepting new owner-release animals into the Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a permanent home for many of our Angels - their home for the remainder of their natural life.  Our first duty is to them.  Any further attempts to find room for "just one more" might compromise the welfare of our current residents & we won't do that.  If an animal that you are responsible for must be rehomed, please work with your local agencies to assist them in helping you find it a new home.   Your pet depends on you to do what is right for her.


What is a Sanctuary?

Give a Gift of Love
Pick a Dog - Any Dog

Your generous donation of

$15 ...... will feed & shelter him/her for 2 weeks
$25 ...... will support him/her for approx. one month
$40 ...... will subsidize the neuter of one male dog
$55 ...... will subsidize the spaying of one female
$75 ...... will help to pay the electric & phone bills
$100 ... or more will help to provide necessary & emergency medical care & a safe sanctuary for the many needy animals we get calls & emails about daily.

They Depend on Us

Can We Depend on You?

Carole Sanders
is the
2005 Recipient of the
Sarah M. & Charles E. Seay
Kindness to Animals Award

Presented by
Operation Kindness
November 06, 2005


~ * ~ * ~  FUNDRAISERS NEEDED  ~ * ~ * ~

Have you ever thought about putting together a neighborhood garage sale or a church/school bake sale or maybe a car wash & donating the proceeds to a charity of your choice?

Animal Angels would be very appreciative of your fundraising efforts  & the $$ that you are able to contribute toward the care of the animals at the Sanctuary.  In July, 2007, we paid over $7,000 to our vets for emergency medical care alone & there is no end in sight.  Almost daily we are called upon to rescue animals from places where they have been abandoned with no food or water, or from where they have been dumped on the side of the road, often after they have been injured by passing cars & trucks.   We always answer these calls for help to the best of our ability but it is a given that most of these animals will need medical care & often it is emergency, life saving care that they need.  Our vets do give us a small discount on services but the cost is still very high.

We NEED YOUR HELP.  If you are able to hold a fundraiser of any kind for the benefit of the animals that call Animal Angels their home, please contact Carole Sanders at or the phone #s above.  We will assist any way we can with flyers & email promos.  Thank You.

Animal Angels is a 501(c)(3) organization


Happy Tails

Bradley, Calamity & Oakley, Daisy, Addison, Sadie, Sergeant, Black Jack, Kengee, Gypsy Blue, Abner & Champ have joined the many wonderful adopted Angels whose stories we are proud to tell.  Click on each one & read for yourself.  Visit the Happy Tails page for more happy stories.  See new pictures that have been added & recent updates to some old friends.

Please  ~*~  SPAY - NEUTER ~*~  Your Pet
It is the surest way to stop the killing
of 1000's of helpless animals every year

See many more Adoptable Angels in our

Godfrey was brought in to our vet's clinic & released to him.  Upon examination it was determined that Godfrey had Heartworms.  We can only surmise that his people didn't want to spend the money to have him treated or to keep him on preventative to keep him healthy.  Because his owners refused to spend a few $$$ on him monthly to prevent this deadly disease, Godfrey had to undergo a serious & potentially fatal treatment to remove these insidious worms from his heart & arteries. 

If you would like to adopt Godfrey, please complete our Adoption Application to begin the process of taking him home.  Thank You.


Little Joe - Mutilated Puppy

Courtesy Listings

  Adoptable dogs available
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Designer Dogs Available

Donations of
dog houses & bedding
are greatly appreciated this time of year.

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for their support & generous donations

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Happy Tails

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**We can NOT accept donations from
residents of New Jersey

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Our Angel Team

These are just some of the many
generous people & businesses
that make our work possible.

A sure way to stop the killing
of 1000's of helpless animals every year


Donate a Bed
We prefer Patented Kuranda Dog Beds because they are durable, chew proof, easy to clean & most of all -- super comfy for our Angels, especially the older ones.  If you would like to spoil us a little, please donate a bed to one of our Senior Angels
click here.


Where Your Purchase Helps Support Rescue!
Order a new collar& leash, an "Udder-Tug" or a Rescue Ribbon for your car & 10-50% of your purchase will benefit Animal Angels.  IMPORTANT:  You must indicate ANIMAL ANGELS - Jacksboro, TX  in the message section of your Checkout process.  Thank You.


NOTICE:  Amber Elvington, who has recently been known as Animal Angels of America,
is not & never has been associated in any way with ANIMAL ANGELS.   Full Statement



The FATE of a DOG

This link will take you off of our website but it is well worth it.  This scenario is repeated 1,000's of times a day, all over the country, including right here in our DFW area.  Please consider the fate of this dog .. any dog .. and add this to the list of good reasons to SPAY & NEUTER your pets.  Shelters everywhere are FULL .. there is no room .. not even for Albert.

So you want your kids to witness the
"Miracle of Birth"

Breeding dogs today is a serious matter. Before going any further, visit your local pound or animal shelter to see what happens to the dogs that were produced by people who thought it would be "fun" to have a litter.  "The miracle of death" by euthanasia is just as educational as the "miracle of birth"!   If you intend to breed your dog, then you should be fully aware of what the consequences may be Please read this Open Letter .. then make up your own mind.


A Dog Sits Waiting
By Kathy Flood

A dog sits waiting in the cold autumn sun --
too faithful to leave, too frightened to run.
He's been there for days now
with nothing to do but sit by the road, waiting for you.

He can't understand why you left him that day;
he thought you and he were stopping to play.
He's sure you'll come back, and that's why he stays --
how long will he suffer? How many more days?

His legs have grown weak, his throat's parched and dry;
he's sick now from hunger and he falls, with a sigh.
He lays down his head, and he closes his eyes --
I wish you could see how a waiting dog dies!

May anyone who has ever hauled off, dumped or abandoned a dog read & remember this.
~the Webmaster~



This random display of our available pets is a courtesy of Petfinder
If it is not active, you can visit our Petfinder site


The family's dog was bought for a guard.
Chained to a post in a chilly backyard.
Housed in a shed that was airless and dark,
And every few weeks had a run in the park.
When boredom set in with no fun and no work,
One day it broke loose and went quietly berserk.
Pa couldn't fathom just why it went wild,
As it flattened his wife and then bit his child.
The police were called in to sort out the mess,
And the whole sorry tale was revealed by the press.
The rescue society was really annoyed,
So the dog was re-homed and the

author unknown


Prayer for the Animals
by Albert Schweitzer

Hear our humble prayer, O God,
for our friends, the animals.
Especially for animals who are suffering;
for any that are hunted or lost or deserted or
frightened or hungry; for all that must be put to death.
We entreat for them all.
Thy mercy & pity, &
for those who deal with them,
we ask a heart of compassion,
gentle hands & kindly words.
Make us, ourselves, to be true friends to animals, &
so to share the blessings of the merciful.


The Jack County Sheriff's Office is seeking information regarding the beating & hanging of a medium sized, dark colored dog at a roadside park, located east of Bryson in Jack County, discovered on the morning of Sunday, April 25, 2004.  More

You can "
Virtually Adopt" an Angel
and save a precious life.

What will happen to your Pet
if you
DIE today?

If you suddenly died or became very ill & could no longer care for your beloved pets, what will happen to them?  Do not assume that Aunt Martha will take Rover because she likes dogs or that your children will want to care for an aging cat with various medical problems and an attitude to boot.  Many of the animals that come to us are innocent victims of this very same situation - a loving home is instantly gone when an unexpected death or illness takes the guardian out of the picture. 

There are several ways you can provide for the continued care of your beloved pets after you are no longer able to care for them.  By naming a designated Guardian or Animal Organization to care for them & by providing funds for their continued care in your Will or in a Trust, you can be assured that they will be protected & loved.  Make sure your pets will not be homeless when you are gone.  Consult your legal advisor or contact the Sanctuary for help if you wish to name Animal Angels as the Guardian.

(FYI - my senior Red Chow came from just such a situation.  Her "Daddy" died & his kids didn't want an old spoiled dog with an attitude.  They dumped her at the local shelter - Carole took her to the Sanctuary & I brought her home.  Lady now rides herd on me, my hubby & our other 2 furbabies, Duke & Bubba   ~the Webmaster)


click here for details

Virtual Adoption is a wonderful way that you can help to ensure that all of the needs of a disadvantaged or senior pet are met.  Even if you are not able to actually take one of these angels into your home, you can help to provide for her needs by making a monthly (quarterly, yearly) donation in her/his name.

Many of our angels will live out their lives here at the sanctuary - never adopted into private homes due to age, some physical disability or maybe just because they are big & not very pretty.

We have lots of love to give to them but we would sure appreciate your help with the $$.   More about our Sponsorship Program can be found here.  Please consider becoming an Angel Sponsor.

They depend on us.

Can we depend on you?



If you skipped them as you entered this site, please take a few minutes to view some of the many wonderful animals who are waiting for special people to take them home.  Maybe one of them will be yours.


click here for pictures

These are some of our lucky angels who have gone to live in new homes with special people.  We hope to add many more to this section soon.

An Open Letter ...

Dear Backyard Breeder,

Only 1 out of 10 dogs will stay with its original buyer for its whole life. 5 out of 10 will change owners before they're a year old. The remainder of these dogs will end up in animal shelters, abandoned and unwanted.

If your dog or bitch produces just one litter of four pups who in turn each produce just one litter themselves and so forth, in only 7 years your dog will have 4000 descendants!

Consider how many of the puppies you have sold to people who didn't spay or neuter and "backyard" bred.  Or worse yet, accidentally had a litter of mixed breeds.  Where do you think they ended up?

The decision NOT to breed your pet is one of the most intelligent, educated and loving decisions you can make.

It's the right thing to do


Shop online thru iGive & a percentage of every dollar you spend benefits Animal Angels



How your "pleasure" is killing your pets
a short MUST READ story with a wonderful ending.
click here to sign a petition to outlaw the unsecured transport of dogs in the bed of pickup trucks
Abandoned when their people just moved off & left them to fend for themselves, these 12 dogs & pups are safe now ....  story & picture files here ...
A Library of the World's Animals

Protect your pet. ShelterCare Pet Insurance Programs
Affordable Pet Insurance
Your online sign-up using this link earns $$$ for the animals
Dear Foster-Mom
If you have ever fostered a dog,
then this poem is a must-read

Why do you Want a Dog?
A thoughtful article on adding a pet to your family

Free to a Good Home
How Could You?
An Essay by Jim Willis

Welcome Home
Last Will of a Special Dog


We all have heard about The Rainbow Bridge, where all the beloved pets who go before us wait for us to join them.   But what about all of those animals who pass on without the benefit of ever having a good home or someone who loved them?  What happens to all of the abused, abandoned & unwanted souls that pass on?  There is another chapter to the story.

The Rescue Bridge


Site Dedication

We would like to dedicate this web page to all those loving, faithful friends who have gone before us. We miss their warm, sloppy kisses, and their cuddly furry hugs. However, we take comfort in knowing that they await our arrival at the Rainbow Bridge, just  as they faithfully awaited our return when they were with us on Earth.  Many of their stories are on our Memorials Page

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In an effort to make this site easier to navigate, many interesting & informative links have been placed together in this convenient drop-down list.  We hope you find this helpful as you browse our website.

UPDATE:  LOST / MISSING / STOLEN Pets now added to message links below. 


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